CBS  is a managed service provider, serving Long Island and the NYC area.  We are a premier IT consulting, security, support, technology management and accounting services company.  CBS can service small to mid-size businesses that depend on technology.

Our core company values are to provide high quality and ethical services.  We are here to help grow your business through the best technology available that will fit your business needs.  We do not sell what is not needed.

There are many technology companies that claim they provide excellent service, but it's just a claim.  At CBS we guarantee premiere service.  How? By being your business technology partner.  We will provide you the best managed IT services that are best suited for your business.

The IT industry rapidly changes from day-to-day.  At CBS we understand these changes and will guide our clients on how they will impact their business and find the solutions that meet those changes.  We have the capabilities, along with an average industry experience of over 30 years, to provide our clients with the highest level of technical expertise and services above reproach.

In addition to our impressive technology support and services we also offer all accounting services needed to help run your business.  CBS has a vast amount of accounting service options that will fit your business needs.

Our mission at CBS is to serve our clients with outstanding service , knowledge, courtesy and professionalism.  Be confident that CBS will be your partner in making your business sound, secure, more productive and help you be the very best your company can be.

The world of technology at your finger tips